Do you know where you spend your time?


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“If you can’t measure, you can’t manage” – Peter Drucker

Do you work with computers at your job? Or do you have to do home work from school or college on the computer? Often you notice that you sit in front of it, stay there for hours and did not do anything you planned? Do you know how long you stay on WhatsApp on your phone? How long on Facebook, Snapchat, Instragram on mobile?

Well, his time is not gone, he went somewhere and nothing like knowing where the time was spent to be able to better manage and decide on the same.

I also went through this and for a period I made manual notes, used spreadsheets and some manual software, until I discovered Rescue Time, it is software for measuring time on computers.

It measures how many minutes you spend on each application and then displays it in the form of a Dashboard:

Of course, it counts only the application or website that is focused on the computer (which you are actually working on) and automatically classifies the most common applications and websites in productive or distracting.

Looking at the dashboard you can find out how much time you actually spend on each application (how much time does it add up with all those little peeps on WhatsApp from time to time?)

You can set Goals, for example, spend just 1 hour a day on the E-mail software and it will let you know when it is almost “reaching” the goal, so that you can police yourself and decrease usage.

What are you waiting for? Download now, it’s FREE!

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